About us

We are Maggie and Oliver Boresch

What Maggie likes:

If on cold days the seat heater in her car is on and a warming cushion is waiting for her in bed.  The short moment of doing nothing while waiting for her computer at work to boot. The glittering ring on her right hand reminding her of a very important person in her life. The clock showing 20:05, reminding her of her own birthday. The regularity with which she sees the same people on the bus station every day - they seem to be so familiar although she doesn't know them. A walk after snowfall, because the world around her appears so silent. Weekend-trips which let the stress and hectic in everyday life disappear. The happiness after leaving the gym and being proud of herself. If foreign people smile at her friendly.  The smell in small flower shops.

What she doesn't like:

If the unavoidable wetness is crawling up her trousers during a heavy rain. If her coffee machine shows "water tank empty" after making only 3/4 of the coffee. If she realizes that one of her socks has been eaten by the "washing-machine-monster" while taking the laundry from the line. The crust of a pizza, which in her opinion has no right to exist, because all the delicious toppings are missing (it is similar with the crust of a toast). Bees trying to eat her tasty piece of cake from "Cafe im Walde". The window seat on the airplane, because she has to disturb two people if she needs to go to toilet.


What oLLi likes:

Watching a thunder- storm out of the window and breathing the fresh air after the storm. The sound of something clicking into place. Eating the inside of a warm bread roll from the bakery. He likes double-crossing done tasks from his todo-list.  Tidying up the room while listening and singing to loud music. Sitting in a double-decker bus on top and in the first row. Going out after the first snow and being impressed by the mood outside. The popping sound by opening a vacuum-sealed jar. Watching playful animals in the zoo. The large variety of a breakfast in the hotel. He likes the fact that a butterfly bush really attracts butterflies. Holding together two magnets with the same pole and feeling the elastic ball which seems to be between. He likes unscrewing electrical devices and trying to understand how it works. The smell by opening a new can of coffee.

What he doesn't like:

The bitter taste of rocket salad. Having dry lips while he is missing his lip balm. Searching the beginning of "Tesafilm" while doesn't finding it. Feeling pricking hairs in the neck after having been at the hairdresser. Waking up while thinking it's night and realizing that the alarm clock already bells in 10 minutes. Melting snow-mud. Zippers which are stuck into clothes.